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2005 Silverado/duramax problems

I am new to the forum, hopefully its ok to post some questions. I have searched over the last few months as a non member, but not to sure what I am looking at. So hopefully it is ok to post my specific problem.

I just recently bought my truck in December /08. From the start the fuel economy was around 8mpg while towing. I pretty much pull my enclosed trailer all the time (7x14) which I would guess weighs approx 5K lbs right now.

Changed all the filters etc etc.. injector cleaner several times (TKO) and it seemd to bring me up to around 11mpg.

After a couple months of owning it, I started to get black smoke (steady cloud) on acceleration. First dealer had it for a whole day and said it was fine, they saw NO smoke, then gave me some BS that any repairs would have to be done at a previous dealer (another city) since they changed 2 injectors already.

Well after about another month it got worse and I called the GM warranty line. They told me the of dealer was wrong, I could bring it anywhere. They set me up with another local dealer. This dealer found 2 bad injectors (had the truck 3 days). Picked it up and within 2 minutes returned, because it still smaked just as bad. They said to drive it for a while.

Within the next week, GM warranty people called me to follow up. I explained the above to them, they said give them 20 mins and call the dealer back that they were TAKING it back.

The next visit (another 3 days), they found 2 more bad injectors and the smoke cleared right up, BUT I lost all power while towing. I have a heck of a time getting on to the highway pulling my trailer, or trying to pass on the highway, or up a slight incline. I can have it to the floor, and not be able to catch the car infront of me!

Again, brought it back to the dealer. Brought the service manager and mechanic for a ride, they seemed to think it was fine. The mechanic watched his scanner while I drove. When we got back, checked the balance rates and found ANOTHER bad injector!

Brought it back in the next week, waited all day for them to tell me it needs an injector and it will be in on monday (even though they knew it needed it before hand)!! Monday rolls along, I was supposed to be the first job. I get a call about 4pm to tell me they have 2 more injectors on order and they need the truck another day!

This makes 7 injectors changed, and a fuel rail and some hose as well (somewhere in this mess). The kicker is 2 of the injectors were just changed by the previous owner back around oct /08 (he also did a fuel rail)

After all of this I still have no power. Before all this, I used to be able to pass no problem on the highway. It seems as if the truck will not "kick down" if that is the right phrase.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am losing my mind, and a ton of money every time I am without my truck (for work).

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You have contamination in your fuel tank. This has only happened a couple of times. We dont install injectors in these very often. Maybe one or two. But thats it.


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Thanks for the reply Toypuller!

I don't understand how this would cause the power loss immediately when they changed the injectors though? Are you saying that bad fuel caused the power loss, or that fuel with "crap" in it ruined the injectors? Sorry I am new to this, I am not questioning you, but wish to understand for myself.

As for fuel I have always filled up at Sunoco with their Gold diesel. The previous owner did the same. I always run the tank to empty before refilling it. I get about 300-350kms to a tank. Are you suggesting I drop the tank and have it flushed?

I would really like to get this sorted out, as I am sure they are sick of looking at the truck and hopefully the mechanic working on it is making out ok. Not sure how GM deals with call backs.

Another question was that they told me they could not change tire size. Is this possible for a dealer to do, or just an aftermarket programmer? I don't want to touch any of that until my warranty is up.

EDIT: BTW the truck only has approx 105k kms Is there any way that the problem could be the injectors they put in? I believe they are remanufactured.

thanks again...scott

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I would replace the fuel filter --- then cut the old filter open to see if it shows contamination. (Do not tell the dealer that there may be dirt in the fuel tank-- they will not repair the fuel system then)

How much turbo boost is it showing-- These engines need boost to make power! (You may have a loose inlet boot, or ??)

Check the fuel injector pressure.

Are there any codes stored?

Clean the MAF sensor.

Hope this helps.

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I just changed the filter in feb I think along with the air filter. I'll change them all again. I might have driven 3000kms since then. But they are cheap enough I will change it again.

I also just had a full service on the tranny. Inside and outside filters etc. I had issues with the tranny spitting fluid out of the breather. We serviced the tranny and they drilled 2 small holes in the filler tube and it seems fine now. Not sure which fixed it. I think it was the service since I tried leaving the dipstick just cracked a little for air and it still did it. Fine now though.

I don't have a boost gauge. The tech did say it was building boost when I took him for a ride (according to his scanner). How much I don't know.

As far as fuel readings, all i know is they said they all balance rates now very close to zero (at least that's what they tell me). I don't know about the fuel pressure. They didn't seem to want to tell me much.

They tell me, there have never been any codes from day 1 of me bringing it in.

I was just reading about cleaning the MAF sensor here. From what I read there is a special cleaner to buy? This sensor is located in the air breather?

thanks! Every bit helps!


2005 Silverado 2500HD 6.6 Duramax Crew Cab short box

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I also Second looking hard at all your turbo and intercooler boots and connections....What u are describing "no power and black smoke" compliment together perfectly to a boost leak or (hopefully not...) a Turbo going south. How many miles on this truck?
Also, as for your injectors (weird) yeah, fuel contamination sounds very logical...try one of those new "Coalescer" filters, their is a post here...Coalescer Fuel Filter-GM's answer to injector wear...

Have a read, may help ya out

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There is about 105000 kms or 65000miles. The black smoke is gone now, just left with a lack of power and crappy fuel economy.

I talked to a guy last night that has the same truck, but an 07 and he gets about 650kms to a talk, I get 300kms!

I'll see if I can get one of those filters locally.


2005 Silverado 2500HD 6.6 Duramax Crew Cab short box

The FUN begins!

Kodiac MP
Looking for EFI live and gauges. PM price/recomendations
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welcome to the forum, good to see someone else from ontario on here, sorry to here about your problems i also have an 05 silverado but have not had the same problems you have i would definatly cut open a fuel filter to check for contamination, and hopefully you get your fuel millage back up i recently drove to alberta and enjoyed 800km to a tank of fuel (highway driving) along the way but even while towing your trailer you should easily be getting 500km to a tank, and i no your frustrations when dealing with the dealership alot of them do not no the diesels they sell and some try to bluff there way through a problem your having which i have called them on before depends where you live i can reccomend a diesel shop that could help if you have no luck.

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Just an update, I finally got the truck back in to the dealer. I was getting the ses light on with code p0670 which I guess was the glow plug controller.

The dealer did call and confirm this and said they would put it on under warranty. When I asked about the MAIN problem, no power/fuel econ the service manager said that they wanted to see if this would help! When I questioned him, since it is only to start the vehicle from my understanding, he got all defensive and said that they were DONE with my truck and to take it somewhere else. He got really HOT with me.

I then called the warranty person at gm that I have been talking too and left a nice long message.

The dealer then called the next day (left a nice message) to say the controller had been installed and they decided to take it for a test drive and have another look. They said they found a lack of power (surprise?) and a "underfueling problem" they decided to change the last injector. So now all 8 are new.

Do any of you think this one injector could fix this problem? I am thinking it has to be something else. I have read something about a fuel regulator. Any comments?

My fuel econ is still bad, 300-350kms/ tank. However no smoke.

thanks ...scott

2005 Silverado 2500HD 6.6 Duramax Crew Cab short box

The FUN begins!

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Looking for EFI live and gauges. PM price/recomendations
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can you get me your VIN number. I would like to check a few things
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