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: Monthly ROTM Winner Archive

  1. Congratulations April ROTM Winner John6363!!!
  2. Congratulations March ROTM Winner RidgeRider17!!!
  3. May ROTM Trucks & Animals!
  4. Congratulations February ROTM Winner DirtRoadScholar!!!
  5. Congratulations January ROTM Winner BigRoller!!!
  6. Congratulations December ROTM Winner chris86!!!!
  7. January ROTM Cloudy Month!!
  8. Congratulations November ROTM Winner Johns_05DMAX!!!!
  9. Congratulations October ROTM Winner M3killer!!!!
  10. Congratulations September ROTM Winner Jmm137!!!!
  11. Congratulations August ROTM Winner DenaliLML6.6
  12. Congratulations July ROTM Winner 1TRIKHD
  13. Congratulations June ROTM Winner bigdaddy1385!!!
  14. Congratulations May ROTM Winner brokesmoke!!!
  15. Congratulations April ROTM Winner Evanman2010!!!
  16. Congratulations March ROTM Winner DutchFarmer212!!!
  17. Congratulations February ROTM Winner SILVY2500HD!!!
  18. Congratulations January ROTM Winner cold diesel!!!!
  19. Congratulations December ROTM Winner RidgeRider17!!!
  20. Congratulations November ROTM Winner TheBad!!!!
  21. Congratulations October ROTM Winner Tow Master!!
  22. Congratulations September ROTM Winner BackcountryDiesel!!
  23. Congratulations August ROTM Winner 73impala!!
  24. Congratulations July ROTM Winner duramaxbd03!!
  25. Congratulations June ROTM Winner lb7blksmk!!!
  26. Congratulations May ROTM Winner Timmay208
  27. Congratulations April ROTM Winner Tx_Z06
  28. Congratulations March ROTM Winner - gitrdoneracing
  29. Congratulations February ROTM Winner RitzBlitz!
  30. Congratulations January ROTM Winner adas
  31. Congratulations December ROTM Winner ScreaminDuramax
  32. Congratulations November ROTM Winner Cknight199
  33. Congratulations October ROTM Winner CraigT
  34. Congratulations September ROTM Winner duramaxisaiah
  35. Congratulations August ROTM Winner cloughm
  36. Congratulations July ROTM Winner clemon
  37. Congratulations June ROTM Winner TheStepChild!!
  38. Congratulations May ROTM Winner duramaxbd03!!
  39. Congratulations April ROTM Winner BlackDenaliDually
  40. Congratulations February ROTM Winner duramaxchip!
  41. Congratulations March ROTM Winner brads01ws6!
  42. Congratulations January ROTM Winner kreklevich!!
  43. Congratulations December ROTM Winner MaxLBZ
  44. Congratulations November ROTM Winner Varty Yo
  45. Congratulations October ROTM Winner Blackcloud556!!
  46. Congratulations September ROTM Winner Chels
  47. Congratulations August ROTM Winner oldschoolguy!!
  48. Congratulations July ROTM Winner SSchmi5519
  49. Congratulations June ROTM winner HDdave!!
  50. Congratulations April ROTM Winner Dutcher89
  51. Congratulations April ROTM Winner chevythunder06
  52. Congratulations March ROTM Winner sparepartsracing
  53. Congratulations February ROTM winner quicksilverz71
  54. Congratulations January ROTM winner WildChevys
  55. Congratulations December ROTM winner gr8shot
  56. Congratulations November ROTM winner jbrown
  57. Congratulations October ROTM Winner Tow Master
  58. Congratulations September ROTM Winner rjespo11
  59. Congratulations August ROTM Winner offroadwizard
  60. Congratulations July ROTM Winner LBZDURAMAX1022
  61. Congrats to our June ROTM winner Duraskank