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Bought a retired ambulance my first diesel 2010 Savana....problems!

Hello everybody and thank you for having such an awesome forum I'm hoping I can get some input from you guys .

I bought an ambulance at auction and upon leaving I notice that reduced engine power is displaying under the speedometer. Now this is my first Diesel and I especially had no clue about all of these new emissions contraptions but immediately started getting a crash course in their functionality and what they did when I called a mobile diesel mechanic who came out and basically told me that the particulate filter was dirty and it was throwing three codes that were all related to the emission system. One having to do with pressure and to having 2 do with temperature sensors.

We drove it home 70 miles at 40 miles per hour and the next day took it to a local diesel mechanic I found on Google who told me that with the DPF cleaning it would run me about $450. So I had that done and it did not fix the problem so he told me that the EGR was no good and the EGR cooler needed to be replaced so I purchased from the dealership a new EGR and cooler and purchased all new sensors that had been tripped. I think I spent $1,200 in Parts at wholesale. The mechanic charged me $1,900 just for the labor of installing the new parts and sensors as well as a cleaning out of my dirty Turbo System

I needed the ambulance for a job and asked if he was finished doing his installation after a week went by and he had one of his people bring the ambulance and drop it off with me. However its still exhibited all of the same issues. There seems to be no change so I've taken it to the dealership and they diagnosed it as having codes p2047 p2471 p113a p2463 and a soot accumulation of 119 G in the dpf.

I guess my question is an accumulation of 119 G of of soot possible if we've only driven it in reduced engine power mode for 50 miles if it's already been cleaned like the mechanic said he had done?

And does it sound like a delete of the DPF system and EGR would fix this and has anybody had any luck with that?

Thank you so much in advance I look forward to your reply

Harlan H.
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if you don't have required emissions testing where you live then yes a DPF delete would be ideal, but I've come to find out that finding the right stuff to do a DPF delete including the programming of the onboard computer may be extremely difficult to find. The dealer will not do it for ya.

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I'm also trying to figure out if I got screwed by this mechanic because when I went around the back side of his mechanic space I didn't see any lifts and from what I understand the Duramax DPF does not need to be cut out it can be unbolted and removed and he said that he had cut mine out to clean it. And just days later but dealers telling me that the DPF has a accumulation level of 119 grams

Harlan H.
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Also in 2010 there should be no reduced power mode on your ecu from the factory.
It will show on the DIC but wont do any limp modes so as not to have people die from that junk if it is an 'E' vehicle.
You may want to try and get a Vin specific flash from a dealer or just do the delete.

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You have come up against the very reason that deletes are so popular. If it all worked properly and was easy to fix when it didn't work then there would be a lot fewer deleted vehicles on the road.

It isn't necessary to remove a DPF to clean it. The ECM will set the P2463 code if it thinks there is more than 70 grams of soot in the filter. Before that it will do a cleaning cycle to try to purge the soot. A regen is typically done when the soot level is 30 grams or more. Apparently your truck has been FUBAR for a while. The grams of soot are a calculation, not a direct measurement. That means it is an educated guess, nothing more.

Part of the calculation for soot load involves the pressure differential between two sensors in the exhaust but you don't have a code for that.

If the DPF is cleaned off the vehicle, and I don't know how that would be done, then the ECM would not know that the soot had been removed. It would be necessary to reset the soot count with a scanner to return it to 0 after an off the truck cleaning. Again, I don't know how you would do that. That is something that would happen with a tune after the DPF had been deleted, not a normal service item.

The only DPF cleaning I have ever heard of happens when a scan tool is used to force the ECM to do a regen on the truck with the engine running. To do that the equipment involved in a regeneration has to be working properly.

Code P113a indicates that the readings between the exhaust temp sensors is not realistic. There is a sensor in front of and behind the DPF. There is also one in front of and behind the catalytic converter but you don't have a code for those. If one of the sensors is bad then it would set this code and the regen cycle would not run. That would lead to excessive carbon buildup in the DPF. Code P113a indicates a difference in reading between EGT sensors 3 and 4 (the ones for the DPF) of 54 degrees F at startup when the engine has been off for more than 8 hours. Under those conditions the two sensors should read the same so a difference of 54 degrees would mean one of them is bad.

Code P2471 indicates that EGT sensor 4 has a high resistance, often an open circuit meaning that the sensor is burnt out or the wire is broken or disconnected. It can also indicate a short to voltage but let's hope it isn't that because that can kill the ECM too.

Don't tell me you don't have a scanner. With all of the money you have put into this repair a good scanner is cheap by comparison. With a good scanner you will know what is going on, not having to rely on what others tell you. I think the independent shop you went to sold you a bill of goods. Find another shop.

You have an extra fuel injector in your exhaust system that injects fuel into the exhaust stream to make it hot enough to burn up the soot in the DPF. The P2047 code indicates that the computer controlled circuit to that injector is bad. It could be a bad injector or bad wiring. This would also prevent the system from cleaning itself and set the P2463 code. With this code the shop you took your truck to could not possibly have run a regeneration on the DPF on the truck.

So it looks like you have a bad EGT sensor #4 and a bad exhaust injector, not to mention a bad mechanic. You need to properly diagnose the first two problems properly and then replace the sensor, injector and/or wiring. Avoid the third problem entirely.

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Removing the DPF and doing a "acid" clean is done when the standard DPF regen cycle no longer cleans the DPF in an adequate manor. The DPF is "bathed" in an acid like solution that will get everything clean inside including the hard stuff that no longer burns off during the regen. Maybe that is what the mechanic did?
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