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I've barely got over 500 miles so I took it easy but I was very impressed with how the truck towed and handled my boat.

I estimate my boat to be 5000-6000lbs loaded and the truck did as good as the 2013 Z71 that I traded in for it. Actually I think the little diesel downshifted less because of the low rpm torque.

I've owned several 3/4 & 1 ton trucks and the mini diesel is definitely not a heavy duty truck. But, if it holds up and turns out to be solid then it may be the ideal truck for me. It tows the size boats that I have, it is a diesel with low end torque, it has enough comfortable room for my family of four and it gets good mpg.

It's still early in judging mpg but the DIC is showing 25 mpg in town mixed driving & 30-31 mpg on interstate at 70-73 mph. I was showing about 15 mpg towing but guys are reporting better mpg after the engine loosens up.

2016 Canyon CCSB SLT 2.8 Duramax 4X4
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