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Originally Posted by bfaucett View Post
I have an lml and it's stealth deleted (appears stock underneath) I'm also dot and have never been hassled. I can hook you up with tunes and advice on how to perform the stealth delete if you are interested.

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I Have been thinking about this, I have a friend with a gutted DPF sitting in his shop right now. I was thinking of building a bi-mode muffler inside the original DPF and a resonator out of the Cat. A little history on me. I build 3" Modded Corvette mufflers. I cut the original mufflers completely apart and completely rebuild them to free up the restriction inside the muffler and make it sound louder and better than factory. Then on the quiet side, make it quieter than factory. Since starting this I have an understanding on how mufflers work and how sound waves work. I have an idea on how to build a bi-mode muffler with the original DPF housing. I just gotta source a 4" valve. So i can have the free flow and sound of a straight pipe and have the nice quiet side when i want it to be quiet.

here is a video of my old Z06 with these mufflers.

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^^^ this fellow can get you some of the best tunes!

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when the time comes i will consider this.

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