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Hello all,
Im in the market for a set of new rotors for my 2012 4wd DRW CC.

Starting in the summer of 2017 I noticed a minor shake in the steering wheel on steep descents. Initially only noticeable at the bottom of long hills while hauling a 4000# truck camper. Fast forward to the summer of 2018 and the problem is much worse. If on a long downhill grade, I need to keep the tranny in 3rd gear, and keep my speeds below 45mph or the rotor warp becomes so bad that I can barely keep the steering wheel from jumping out of my hands.

No local shops are turning rotors anymore, so Im inclined to buy a new front set.

Typically I will haul a 4000# truck camper, and occasionally I will add a 4000# boat, which only has surge brakes. Needless to say, I demand a lot from my truck's brakes.

Drilled and slotted aftermarket rotors have caught my attention. $150 a pair from Amazon almost seems too cheap - I don't want to waste my time on junk.

SSBC Cross Bite look good at about $350 a pair.

Are there any other options I should be considering here?

Truck has 25000 miles and is otherwise in excellent condition.


2012 3500 DRW
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