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Real World Options with dealing with DEF issues!

Iíve a 2013 Duramax LML (105K miles) it just threw check engine code #P21DD (Reductant Tank Heater). Cost to take to dealership or repair shop $500-$600.00. Thinking this might be a good time to delete the DEF system and EGR System using a good Tuner and EGR delete kit with 4Ē exhaust! I was looking at the H&S Mini Maxx DPF Delete Race Tuner ($649.95). I reside in Oregon and Emission test is non existent in my area so far. I plan on keeping the truck for at least 5 years. I use to have a 2006 Duramax LBZ engine never any issues (big mistake when I sold it). Iím really not looking for any more power, I usually get 21-24 mpg on the hwy. I seldom pull anything with the truck. I had purchased it to pull a trailer but sold the trailer, like the truck and its in pristine shape. What your suggestions here 1) just replace the tank heater 2) remove the DEF system etc. and go with a Tuner? Other than this the truck has been a good truck. Iíve thought about just fixing the tank heater and selling it and finding me another LBZ (2006). Thanks
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