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Originally Posted by Hook'em_Horns! View Post
I twisted the thing around and put it back after the mod. Then the next year, when I swapped out the filters, there was sumpthin' else I was goin' to do, so I left the cover off.
Then a call came in, had to hit the road. When I went to address it later...the screws I so carefully placed in a ridge of the floor mat....were gone.

Oh well.
The air smells sweet, and it's cool.
All is well.
It's been a while on this one and it's a great thread so how about a refresh? Also, I'm looking for more clarification.

I read in another thread about the can of GM spray product that puts an antimicrobial coating on the evaporator fins. Hook, in your expert opinion, is that a value added step when you're adding the cabin air filters or does the addition of filters in itself fix the musty odor problem?

I probably wouldn't even ask but that canned excellence crap from GM is not really cheap. I'd do it in a heartbeat if I thought it would help but if it's a waste of time and money, then why do it?

I'm pretty pumped up to perform this mod as it's not just an odor for me. I nearly live in my truck for a week at a time and this time of year I start coughing and even getting a sore throat after a few hours each day. Those symptoms went away last winter but now they're back at the same time as the musty A/C odors.
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