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Originally Posted by patrickg View Post
I’m struggling to find somebody that still sells a pipe to replace the dpf. Worst case I’ll have to get one made.

you may be able to get a resonator or muffler to replace the DPF with that would be the same length more or less depending on where you cut. The DPF plays a big role in noise reduction so you may find that its obnoxious without it anyway.

Originally Posted by BlakDog04 View Post
I found the pipe on eBay but don’t really want tunes from motor ops. Rather go with someone else

Given the current crack down though, your options are greatly reduced for US companies, and im not familiar with any other Canadian companies besides motor ops.

Originally Posted by BlakDog04 View Post
I took my truck to Duramaxtuner and didn’t like the way they handled my repair. I know they’re affiliated with Motorops so I won’t use them

i feel like there affiliation with motor ops is kind of like Mcdonalds affiliation with cattle farmers. You dont blame one for the failures of the other. As far as i am aware they are completely separate companies that happen to share a common interest, and work with each other for the good of the customer and there own interests. I dont believe one has a stake in the other though.

Ill add also that my interaction with motor ops was, while not perfect, vastly better than i anticipated. There was a couple parts that were not exactly right for my truck, i did have to source a couple things myself (wrong down pipe flange ect) but the support from them was excellent. While im sure there are hotter tunes out there, im pretty pleased with what motor ops did for me.

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