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Originally Posted by mizterwizard View Post
Yep, you live in Alaska, the only state where over-cooling is a big issue! But ya, it isn't really helpful to alter the air flow under the hood.

But that brings up another issue. It used to be a highly desirable thing to louver everything on a vehicle. Hoods, fenders, trunk lids, roofs, you name it. It was a fad that went away but might still have some uses today. Purely from an aesthetic point of view I could see doing that to a truck. It's no my thing but others might like it. One thing to keep in mind though is that the base of the windshield is a high pressure area. That is why it is the one place that gets factory louvers on many vehicles to become the inlet for the HVAC. You can't vent to it effectively.

Now back to the OP's question, which I think was more of a request for kudos, not criticism. It was more along the lines or "Look at what I did mom!"

To that end I'd say, "You done good, boy." I think the stripe looks very nice. It fits well, is well done and to my eye is aesthetically pleasing. Add to that the reduction in glare off the hood and the increased ability to spot the truck in a parking lot full of similar white trucks and I think it is a winner from every angle. Of course the camper helps to find the truck in a parking lot but that's another thing.

However, no matter what you do, if you ask for opinions you should expect some negative responses. As long as you like it, what difference does it make?

yea, up here your more worried about restricting the flow than improving it.... most diesels run one of these for about 8 months a year. speaking of which.... i should order one for my LML... dont think the LB7 one will work.

I also like the stripe on the OP truck, breaks up the light paint a bit, looks good.

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