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Balance rates only tell part of the story- to fully know injector health you need to see what the return fuel rates are from the injectors. Kind of a complicated test on an LB7. Generally the typical LB7 injector haze is due to the return rates being out of spec and not getting the correct amount of fuel into the cylinder, basically. Everyone says the 15% injectors (and up to 40% they say) don't need tuning. But to be fully efficient with bigger injectors, no matter what size, they need to be properly tuned to meter the correct amount of fuel and not have any haze.

A friend of mine has a triple turbo LB7 with dual pumps and 250%s in it. At an idle and just normal cruising it hazes all the time. Feed the beans to it and once it lights its clean.

My LB7 has 60%s in it, and a 63mm stock appearing cheetah. First start up cold and idling its got a little haze to it. Clean as can be when its warm.

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