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Originally Posted by Hook'em_Horns! View Post
it's also why you don't want to try extended use syn in it, as they tend to have some fuel dilution in the oil from the regen dump.
I didnt have any issues based on my blackstone lab reports. Granted, most of my reports were ~5k miles with only the last 'stock' report going to just under 9k miles so i guess i cant really argue(not the exact word i'm looking for) as i would define extended as anything above 8-10k miles leaning more towards 10k.

Per Blackstone Labs, the 'Values Should Be' for fuel % in the properties section of the reports i've received states "<2.0".

I have performed 5 total reports on my pickup during my ownership of it since 89k miles. 4 stock, 1 after delete. Trace, 3.0, <0.5 and 1.0, are the values that were given on my reports at mileages 95k, 110k, 115k, and 124k, respectively. The post-delete read <0.5 at 126k (the reason for the low mileage is due to my DIC telling me i had 2% oil life left and I wanted to play it safe/was curious how the report would turn out. The 3.0 reading was a cold oil change, i didnt let the engine warm up. The subsequent OCs were taken after running the engine a while, as was recommended by BL.

Given the large variability in my data, it appears how close you changed the oil to a regen plays a large factor. I do not have data on how close I was, though. All five reports were of me running Amsoil 5/40 oil.

The TBN values were 8.3, 7.8, 7.2, 6.8 and 5.7 respectively (last one being post-delete). Doesnt appear to be any correlation there but the flashpoint does appear to correlate, as one might expect, having a lower value when more fuel was present (410, 380, 415, 400, 420, respectively).

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