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Originally Posted by Ron Nielson View Post
Has your truck gone thru the regen process on a regular basis?

This information is published for my 2008 LMM truck - yours may be different:
  1. Inspect for the following conditions, which may cause a diesel oxidation converter (DOC) to degrade:
  • Off Road Fuel or Red Dye Fuel
  • Low quality B-20 fuel
  • Fuel Containing high sulfur content
  • Engine oil or coolant consumption
  • Leaking fuel injectors
Non-ULSD fuel was a concern back in 2008, but it is not illegal to manufacture or sell it in US or Canada.
During the conversion of the N.A. fuel supply there was a period of time both were available, the as the conversion was 'phased', there was a period of time when non-taxed (and usually dyed to identify it) fuel was LSD while rod fuel was ULSD.

Today, all US/Can fuel is ULSD.
Non-taxed fuel is still typically dyed so the 'revenuers' can identify it if/when they are doing roadside checks.

(Diesel that is not ULSD can still a concern for those that might be travelling in some areas of Mexico)

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