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Originally Posted by CDmax16 View Post
Mine does it every once and while as well. I have researched it and talked with others that have had the same codes, and unfortunately, I have not heard of a solution yet. I donít remember everything that was tried by different people, but a few things were, 4 wheel drive switch, checked the wiring and connections at tcm trans and tc and nothing worked. And one guy put in a new tcm.

Itís hard to diagnose when it is so random. I got the codes maybe half a dozen times the first two years and then earlier this year it happened about 4 times in a month and I thought here we go, something is going to break and at last I will figure it out. Nothing broke and it hasnít happened since ( I know I just jinxed myself). The concerning thing for you is the putting it in park issue, mine doesnít have any other issues.

Hopefully you can find the problem or someone else will chime in and help out. I will go back and look at my old conversations about this and see if something doesnít help.
See, the even more weird part is, my transmission doesn't start to act up and shift harder, until that light comes on. Truck shifts fine 1st good 2,3, then going into 4th so rapidly but, I think I am going to do a trans relearn and hope that fixes it. If you don't mind me asking CDMAX16 Cou lml d you tell me the proper procedure to trans relearn process
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