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      Anyone try this?

      Friend works at the local compost place and I'm due for seven 2yd loads of free compost, but that's a lot of unloading time...

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      I've tried making something like the HFT thing. What I found was that if I put enough stuff on it to be worth while it was too heavy to move. Maybe their mat has a lower friction bottom than I had but I note in their video that they have maybe a cubic foot of material on the mat. A bed liner and a shovel would do the trick for that little amount. Even a wooden box would suffice.

      The roll out box thing from youtube is interesting but I wonder if 3 pipes would be enough. It seems to me if you had much in the box it would tend to dent the bed. It might need a couple of rails for the roller pipes to run on.

      My solution was a 1958 Chevy C60 with a dump bed for $1000. It isn't much to look at and it rides like a truck but the gravel, mulch, dirt, etc. don't complain much. Full disclosure: I had to do the engine and several other things on it and it seems like it always has a broken tail light but for what I do with it there isn't another solution that works as well.
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