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      Thread revival

      Searching best filters, AC Delco/Wix/K&N all work for me. New to Diesel territory.

      Just curious if there are actual specs of filtration size for every filter. Not finding it, but haven't read all 15 pages yet either.

      I do see AC Delco at 25-30 micron filtration spec here.

      Otherwise, nothing from other manufacturers I can find with a quick look.
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      2018 Silverado 3500 LTZ Z71 L5P CCSB
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      What I use.

      2017-2019 L5P Duramax Maintenance Parts & Fluids
      Part TypePart #Amazon Link
      Engine Oil15W-40Shell Rotella T4 15W40
      ACDelco 15W40
      Shell Rotella T5 (blend ) 15W40
      Shell Rotella T6 (Full Syn.) 15W40
      Engine Oil FilterPF2232ACDelco PF2232 (1-pack)
      Fuel FilterTP1015ACDelco TP1015
      Cabin Air FilterCF 188ACDelco CF188
      Engine Air FilterA3231CACDelco A3231C
      50/50 Mix
      Dex-Cool 12346290
      Transmission FluidDexron VI1 qt – Dexron VI
      1 Gal – Dexron VI
      External Transmission
      Allison 29539579
      ACDelco TF950
      Internal Transmission
      29542833ACDelco 29542833
      Transmission pan
      29549684ACDelco 29549684
      Transfer Case FluidDexron VI1 qt – Dexron VI
      1 Gal – Dexron VI
      Differential Fluid75W90ACDelco 75W90
      Diesel Exhaust FluidN/APeak BlueDEF
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