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Accent Sedan
Dark Sapphire Blue
i know this isn't a Duramax, but thought id share it still. this is my mom's daily driver and less than 89K original miles on it. it dose have power windows, locks, and mirrors as well as the upgraded XM radio option. ironically has manual seats, no fog lights and the basic 14"steel wheels. car runs well but due for its 90K overhaul. but with it being 10 years old and common 2009 paint problems, it is worth less then the cost of the overhaul. trade in value is $250 and $750 and the over haul is at $2,500 - $3,500 if u include tires and brakes. problem is inner and outer tie rods need replaced and lots slop in steering. i try to stress to my mom it needs those replaced at the minimum. it also needs springs, struts, and shocks all around. i just hope the car lasts till tax return or when she can pay down the over $6,000 she had to refinance the car for. she is so upside down she cant afford to trade it for a newer car.
2009 Hyundai Accent Sedan (Dark Sapphire Blue)


LED Fog Lights for Xmas 2018
Wheel and Tire
Walmart 14" Hubcaps for Xmas 2018



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