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General Information

Victory Red
I have owned the truck for almost a year now. . has about 150,000 miles and is ready for much more!! I tend to enjoy doing my own builds so that means starting from the bottom and building up. . bought the truck 110% stock and what I am going for is to get my performance on point first then work on the exterior and what not, so please keep in mind I have not even had the truck for a year yet and do have big plans and goals to hit in the future!!

Feel free to follow me on IG: Dustin__Williams
2005 Duramax (Victory Red)


Current mods:
- LBZ turbo mouthpiece
- MBRP 3" downpipe
- Flo-Pro 5" straight pipe
- S&B intake
- Autometer cobalt boost & pyro gauges
- Fass 150 lift pump
- Sinister EGR delete
- Randys built 800 hp transmission
- Suncoast torque converter
- C2 billit hub
- Shift kit
- EFI Live dsp5
Future mods:
- 68 big single
- Injectors
- Head gaskets
Autometer cobalt boost & pyro gauges
Plan on breaking into the exterior once I get my performance on point. But am planning on getting some wheels and tires, looking to go with 12 wides, would like to upgrade the suspension a little and front end.
No funds yet. . performance parts are taking all my cash! but in the near future plan on throwing a bluetooth touchscreen with 2 subs under the rear seats!
aftermarket shocks, would like to upgrade the suspension down the road and get Fox suspension and do some upgrades to my front end as well.
Wheel and Tire
Down the road plan on getting some 12 wide wheels and tires. . just working on getting my performance on point first!



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