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  1. General Discussion
    So here I want to address the 07 duramax lbz. I’m curios on if there was ever a solution to staying out of limp mode without using diodes. I’d prefer to not add diodes, but if anyone has an updated more informative diagram I’d be grateful
  2. EFI Live
    I have been looking around trying to find out who still offers tunes for deleted trucks with little to no progress. I have a 07 Classic 3500 that i bought with TB exhaust on and it already had EGR deleted. it has a box tuner on it and i want to get it off and get good tunes installed that are...
  3. Wheels & Tires
    I have 315/75R16s on my stock suspension 07 Classic Duramax. The tires are equilivent to a 35'' tire but i want to go to a 20in wheel with 35's. I am looking for the backspacing on the wheels that will keep the tires from scrubbing. The bfg km2's im running now do not scrub at all and i would...
1-3 of 3 Results