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  1. 2020+ (Non Powertrain)
    Hi folks new here. Recently I drove a ford superduty that you could view the Dpf % from a menu on the dash display. Does the Chevy have this feature? We had issues with the ford where we were not in a position to “drive to clean the Dpf” and ended up taking it to a diesel shop to perform a...
  2. General Discussion
    Hello, Truck has 35,000 miles, all factory equipment. When driving on or off accelerator, I randomly will hear a humming noise coming from the front, seems like passengerside. Noise last for 15-20 seconds. Almost feels like a slight drag on the truck during noise. No noise at speeds over...
  3. 911 Problems Forum
    2020 duramax l5p ring when accelerating on and off. 2020 l5p ring/squeak
  4. General Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I have a 2020 Sierra 2500 Duramax Denali, 27,000 miles. The DIC is showing the following two messages, (Service Emission's System, 175 mi Until 65 MPH Max Speed). The dealer picked it up and gave me a loaner vehicle. They called and said the DEF tank needs to be replaced...
  5. General Discussion
    Looking at purchasing the full intake system from wehrli for my 2020 and was wondering if anyone else has done this and run in to trouble with codes or purchased any other and run in to issues?
  6. 2020+ (Non Powertrain)
    Its the LM2 2020 version Overall,nice machine. Economy will climb often into the 30's have gotten 35.7 and near that often in mixed driving not alot of stop and go. It handles well starts well however its elevated idle that is set to on, never works on mine under the 30 degree temp and below...
  7. Introductions
    Hello, Love my new truck. Re-joined group to find some answers to annoying problems: clicking noise coming from steering wheel that Dealership can't fix brakes sound like a semi truck on first use of day --Mark
  8. Wheels & Tires
    The stock tire on my 2020 duramax 2500hd is 275/70r18. Has anyone upsized to 285/70r18? If you have, can you provide pics and also comment on any issues? I don’t really want to add spacers and would like to keep the tire profile flush with the truck body. I plan to keep the stock rim with no...
1-8 of 8 Results