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3500 vans are sexy

  1. Looking For/ Wanting To Buy
    :helpI recently learned that GM produced vans with the Duramax engine.(only after purchasing an 06 Silverado 4x4 ) If anyone learns of an 06 to 08, PLEASE let me know. I want a 155" wheelbase and all the interior options that can be had. Ex PW,PL,CC etc. Thanks upfront! :rockin
  2. Hey

    Hey all, been looking around here for a little bit now. Looking to buy a duramax just really looking at what I want. Been a chevy owner my whole life just ready to make the jump from a little 1500 to something with a little more power.
  3. Banks Power
    Have had the banks PDA installed in my truck less than 4-yrs and my second one has just crapped out :( It has been giving me grief for quite sometime now (freezing) and now finally bit the dust. Are these PDAs unreliable or what? Ive had the same radar detective,deck,sat radio,subs,amp that...