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  1. General Discussion
    Ok, Hoping someone can shed some light on this topic. Yes, I read the post on parking break fixes and none of that answered the question. I have replaced the parking break shoes, parking break hardware then adjusted,replaced both left/ right cables and the intermediate cable. I have taken...
  2. General Discussion
    i have a 06 lly for about a year now and been loving it, i noticed a slight bit of oil around the head gasket on the passenger side rear. checked all the symptoms for a blown head gasket and everything checks out okay and it looks to be traveling down from somewhere higher up. ive read some...
  3. Kodiak & Topkick Forum
    Hello everyone. My dream truck is a 4x4 lbz topkick or kodiak with the monroe conversion. I have been looking everywhere and either the listing is years old and they have since sold it or it doesn't have the monroe conversion. Is anyone looking to get rid of theirs?
  4. Drivetrain
    So i have fallen victim to the pump rub on my 05 lly. I have begun to pull it out and the bottom drain plug is plugged up with shavings, so I believe that my tc is completely shot. I have found an 06 lbz transfer case and am wondering if the two are interchangeable or if I need an )5 transfer...
  5. 07.5-10 LMM Duramax Powertrain
    Hi - I have learned a lot from you folks and I hope someone can help me understand what my truck is doing. My truck does not coast. It always seems like the transmission is braking. Not a lot but when I let off the gas there is a noticeabIe drag. I have had the truck a year and have put...
  6. Transmission Shop
    when i go from park to drive holding the brake for more that 15 sec. the tranny will go into neutral and gear selector blinks. also when in 4x4 driving around yard i can feal the truck have a bind to it. not sure whats going on.
  7. Looking For/ Wanting To Buy
    Looking for an 01-03ish, Chevy/GMC, Duramax, 4x4, Crew Cab, Long bed. Single or double. :help Am in CA but will travel. edkemper at att dot net
  8. General Discussion
    Its not to often you come across pics on here of guys actually using there 4x4...lets see some good pics!
1-9 of 9 Results