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allison 1000 limp mode
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  1. Transmission Shop
    So about a month ago, my truck started to have transmission issues. The main symptom are ranger selector is missing, whenever I shift into rev or drive it shifts extremely hard, it’s stuck in limp mode, and the check engine light is on. Whenever I do have it in drive it takes a little bit to...
  2. Transmission Shop
    A few months ago the truck started getting stuck in limp mode everytime it drove. After some research and talking to a buddy, we found the plug on the back of the transmission was leaking internally. Sprayed it clean and the truck ran perfectly normal for a few weeks. Issue came back and we...
  3. 911 Problems Forum
    Im new this seemed like the best place to post as I've been tackling it for months. I'll try to keep it short Bassicly trucks at 620xxxkm shes beat the fans owned it since 05 n I'm trying to do it cheapest way possible Bought "new" trans (330xxx) , just did trans, still in limp...I RODE IN THE...
1-3 of 3 Results