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  1. 02 Duramax 96,000 miles transmission overheating

    Transmission Shop
    Had this 02 since it was new. It’s got 96,000 miles on it. Mostly pulling hard with hay out of the hay field . Got hot while pulling a 30’ flatbed with 70 hp tractor on it on the highway . Was jerking and it was stuck in high gear . Didn’t check tranny temp . Mechanic reset it and changed...
  2. LBZ Gear Indicator Intermittently Not Working!

    Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    Hopefully this helps somebody out there experiencing this issue: Gear indicator not working, or working intermittently. No reverse lights, doors won't unlock in park. Truck drives fine but later on did experience some more issues (Banks Brake not working, Tow/Haul mode not downshifting). I...
  3. Help Transmission Issues on LBZ

    Transmission Shop
    Truck is throwing codes P0700, P0757 and P0847 after ripping her down the road. I have 120xxxmiles on my LBZ, deleted and tuned truck last month with MotorOps tunes sitting on 35" tires. truck wouldn't shift after check engine popped up. came to a stop, cleared codes and tried again. Truck...
  4. P0751 problems

    Transmission Shop
    First of all, since I am new, I should introduce myself. I have been lurking for a while, but just registered. You guys have a great site! My truck is a 2006 regular cab 4x4 with the 6 speed Allison. About 3 weeks ago, my tranny would erratically go into limp home mode, always on a cold start...