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  1. EFI Live
    Hi all- I recently purchased an tuned LBZ - so I am new to EFI Live. I have the following DDP AutoCal v2 DSP5 switch EFI Live Scan and Tune 8.3.30 I successfully recorded data from ODBII with the AutoCal v2 and played-back on my computer with Scan and Tune; however, the I cannot figure out...
  2. Vehicle electronics/ Programmers For Sale
    I have a Black Bear Performance AutoCal efi live for sale. I bought it back in like 2017 and never put it on my truck because I was out of state. I have sold that truck and it has just been sitting here collecting dust. It was for a 2015 Silverado 5.3L but they told me they could be used on...
  3. For Sale Section
    Hello, I have a few items for sale.. 1. Black Bear Performance Autocal. I purchased back in 2016 for my 2015 Silverado 5.3 and sold the truck last December and never even opened it. Not sure what years it will work for, I know it covers several years. Asking $300 shipped. 2. Carhartt Seat...
  4. EFI Live
    Hello all! I have EFI Live custom tuning and a Autocal. Can anyone tell me if the Autocal logs both the ECM & TCM simultaneously? Thanks!
  5. EFI Live
    I recently bought a 2013 lml that was about 5 hours away and the truck is already deleted and tuned with a 5 pos switch. The guy is not sure who the original tuner was but believes it was tuned with EFI Live. Now he is hard to get a hold of. I am about to do some mods to the truck that I believe...
  6. 11-16 LML Duramax Powertrain
1-6 of 6 Results