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bad injectors

  1. Newbie with injector problems.

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Ok let's start with a thanks to the site and people who post. My truck has 170k miles, had the injectors replaced once according to the dealer and they said it was out of recall because the date it was placed in to service and having been replaced once already. After reading all the post I think...
  2. Injectors

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    im pretty sure mine are goin out i got fuel in my oil and my truck has be running low oil pressure so im gonna try see tomorrow if my truck is still under the 7 years for the warranty... if not im not gonna be to happy but oh well :cool:
  3. 2003 duramax smoking on cruise

    911 Problems Forum
    My truck has ran great until a few days ago. Now it smokes terrible just cruising down the road. Smoking black smoke. Has 218000 miles on it. Thanks for replies
  4. LB7 Smokes and has no power but NOT injectors!

    911 Problems Forum
    I bought a 2002 duramax with a blown motor, I bought a motor for it out of a rollover that seemed to run fine when I went and looked at it but now that its in my truck it has no power and smokes like crazy-grey smoke at idle and black on acceleration. At first I though it would be the common...
  5. black n white smoke

    911 Problems Forum
    Whats up I have a 2004 dmax and after about 1hr to 1hr and 20min the black smoke upon throttle turns white for awhile, no check engine and the truck has plenty of power...any thoughts?:confused:
  6. lb7 Injectors

    911 Problems Forum
    I am trying to pull out the injectors on the drivers side. I tried prying gently but there still rock solid in the cyl. Is there a trick for removing them?
  7. need some help

    911 Problems Forum
    ok, i have an 05 lly and saturday i was driving down the interstate about 80 mph and all of the sudden the check light came on and i cant get past about 65mph you have to floor it to get it to move and it idles very rough. i can get ahold of Georgia Diesel and i am stuck! when i started it this...
  8. i made a booboo

    911 Problems Forum
    ok well i was like 3 minutes away from getting done with doing injectors on a 2002 LB7 and i went to put the alternator in and the ear for the alternator broke off the alternator bracket. does anyone know if it can be welded or does anyone have one that i cant buy. i need this ASAP thank you...
  9. no start LB7

    911 Problems Forum
    So, my truck is going in for injectors monday, and today i rinsed the motor off now it won't turn over!!!!! If you turn the key to the on position everything lights up but no crank. so i turn the key on and it starts and runs fine if you jump the starter, and also my turn signals dont work...
  10. Have fuel/Won't start

    911 Problems Forum
    Dealer said "Hemeraging fuel #5 injector" replaced injector. Won't start, no smoke good fuel, primed, drained, primed, bleed, primed. Solid mechanic no good with the computer stuff. 01 2500HD 4dr 4x4 280,000 miles unknown history. Fleet auction.
  11. 2004 lb7 at dealer injector question.

    911 Problems Forum
    I have a 2004 lb7 at dealer again. Injectors replaced at 73,000 and again at 85,000. Truck has 128,000 now. If you let it idle for 10 to 15 minutes it starts smoking heavy when you take off you kill all mosquitos in 2 block radius. Took truck to independent garage before dealer they said 2 and...
  12. P0089 code

    01-04.5 LB7 Performance Parts Discussion
    Just got 4 injectors replaced. put on thr air dog pump separotor the 150 gph one and doesnt smoke at adle anymore:) but i threw this code a day later. a very well trusted GMC mechanic did the work so im almost positive its not that he told me not to worry but seeing the light on is like seein my...
  13. New D max owner

    911 Problems Forum
    I have bought a 03 dmax I drove the truck for several hrs and had truck idle for several hrs before I bought it. It had no smoke at idle, The day I bought the truck they changed the fuel filter and now there is white smoke but only at idle. I got it checked and was told that #1 injector is 3.4...
  14. Balance rates - motor temp different readings?

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Wondering something... Got my even # injectors done 8 months ago, after road test my #7 came back @ -5.8 , assuming engine was at or close to operating temp saved my money and took it back to get odd # side done, asked them to test before fixing and here's what we got 1) -2.3 2) 3.3 3) -3.7...
  15. white smoke

    911 Problems Forum
    I have a 2001 duramax. I am having lots of white smoke. I have replaced all 8 injectors, cp3 pump, fuel rails and new fuel filter. I took the truck to a guy that had a tech 2 he did and injector cut out test and it came back that 4 & 7 were bad. I have replaced those two injectors and i am...
  16. Injector Question

    911 Problems Forum
    I hear people having injector problems. how will i know if i have a problem? Truck seems to be defueling heavier than normal. didn't know if that was a problem.
  17. fuel injector failure-please help!!

    911 Problems Forum
    I have a 2004 chevy Silverado 2500hd duramax diesel. I is my everyday vehicle, and I use it regularly to tow a 3 horse trailer. I also do a lot of cross country driving with it. I was headed to my great aunt's 93 b-day in Huntsville, Ala. from Chicago last Thursday when I noticed my oil...
  18. Injector Leak???

    911 Problems Forum
    Another injector thread... Here's the deal. - White smoke at idle...lots. - Put a dye in the fuel and it did not show up in oil. - Oil level normal and does not smell like diesel. - No noticable loss of power. - Put an additive in to kill any bacterial growth in fuel. - Coolant level has...
  19. How To: Change LB7 Injectors With Pictures!!!

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I have assembled different write ups and DIY articles to come up with the most complete LB7 injector replacement write up I know of. Hope this is helpful for all LB7 owners! Tools needed: 5mm allen bit, wrench, and ball end bit. 8mm allen bit or ball end bit. Torque wrench Basic set of metric...