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  1. Can bad battery cause AC issues?

    2001 - 2007 (GMT800) Non Powertrain
    For about 4 weeks, my AC has been giving me problems at an idle. In the past, it would blow nice and cold all through the RPM range. Lately, if at an idle for more than a minute, it would blow that warm, muggy air like the compressor kicked out. I could never see that the clutch disengaged...
  2. Questions about our dual battery setup...

    General Discussion
    I have an '02 Chevy Silverado 2500HD crew cab plus long bed. Love the truck. My alternator goes out, but I decide to drive from Milpitas to Santa Cruz and back. It's a 2 hr drive round trip and I made alot of stops in between. I know I'm pushing it as the voltage is below 12 volts and the...
  3. odd... I need help.

    2001 - 2007 (GMT800) Non Powertrain
    went to add an extension cable to my juice monitor so i could put it up higher. anyways unplugged it, put the truck in first to pull my dash off, put it back into park went to start it and she was dead... any ideas?
  4. 02 Duramax won't start/Battery Question

    911 Problems Forum
    Have a 2002 Silverado 2500 HD with the Duramax. The truck wouldn't start one day, had no power at all. Batteries are under 2 years old. I noticed some corrosion on the at the terminal end of the battery cables so I cleaned them up. Still no power at all. So I went home to get my meter and...