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  1. The Drag Strip
    Seriously? a friend of a friend called me out, typical Corvette owner, just cant keep their mouth shut. Keeps talkin shit that he'll pass me at 40 or 50mph in a stock C5 vette. Told me he has never seen my truck run faster than a 13.8. Race is set for next friday night at the track, might turn...
  2. Transmission Shop
    Ordered my transmission a couple weeks ago, and my mechanic has been too busy to rebuild the transmission. I'm deploying again in 2 weeks and PPE won't let me return the parts without a $1,000 re-stocking fee. :confused: Then the supervisor said it's a corporate policy and told me to mail a...
  3. Exterior
    The coolest thread this year, and now it's closed! Please, open up the " I want more black smoke " thread. All the talent, all the passion, all the dreams of die hard sarcastic members, gone! Gone! Never to be seen again! I just can't take it!! The inhumanity of it all!!! Now what am I suppose...
  4. The Drag Strip
    So I'm going to make a friendly bet to just arouse people. make a a guess as to what I will run.....most know my mods but they are below if you dont. closest to my time to the hundreth of a sec will get a paypal gift from me of 5 bucks... HTT 66/71/16, full trans with 1056, ad2, lbz fpr, efi...
  5. 06-07 LBZ & LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    Who has one? Do you have the factory Y-Bridge and cold side intake still? the turbo im looking at has a 5" inlet. Just thinking... :)
  6. EFI Live
    Anyone heard when EFI will have a tune out for the LML?
1-6 of 6 Results