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  1. What color is my truck?

    Hi everyone, hope someone can help me. I bought a 2006 GMC sierra 2500 and I cant figure out what color it is, I need to color match a few things. I will include pictures in the post so you all can see. The paint code on the door jam is rubbed off. I bought some "original gm color" paint in...
  2. P0851 NSBU Problem?

    06-07 LBZ & LLY Duramax Powertrain
    Hey guys, So I just bought a new/used 06 Duramax w/ 45K miles. Before I bought it, I ran my PPE to see if any codes came across, and it was clean. I drove it up from Seattle to Anchorage (total of about 2400 miles), and when I hit Whitehorse (about 700 miles from Anchorage) the truck chimed at...
  3. OBD-2 Codes

    General Discussion
    My wife has a brand new g8 and since we have had it the check engine light has been on most of the time. It has been taken back in to the "stealership" and the cpu replaced but it seems to always come back on....I was wondering if anybody knew what the code b2aaa is for? It seems that many have...