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  1. 2017 - '19 (Non Powertrain)
    So I am wrapping up the install of a 4-6” Cognito lift kit and noticed that my drivers side uca is rough 1/4” to 1/2” away from the bump stop and on the passenger side the uca is resting on the bump stop. I noticed this while the truck is on jack stands so the suspension is a full droop. What...
  2. Parts For Sale
    Selling a Cognito Pitman & Idler Arm Support kit for a 2001-2010 Duramax 2500HD. This was purchased brand new direct from Cognito and never opened. It’s still in its original packaging and comes with the original install instructions as well. Looking for $190 shipped. Located in CA.
  3. Suspension&Steering
    I have searched and searched on here for an answer and have come up empty handed. I have a 2011 Lml and In need of new ball joints and figured I’d upgrade control arms to something other than factory. Truck is leveled on stock wheels with 33x12.50 Toyo At3. Really the question is which...
  4. Vendor Jungle would like to present a SEMA Show exclusive product release. We bring you the NEW Cognito Motorsports 2011-up 7-9" NTBD suspension lift kit. has put together 2 complete kit options for this new-to-market release. As of today's date, 10/31/2011, our sales...
  5. Wheels & Tires
    :help I have a LMM leveled with keys. Ordered 20x9 Fuel Hostages with 0 offset and 5" backspace wrapped in 33x12.5x20 Toyo Mt's. Unfortunately they're backordered until who knows when but the vendor offered a 20x10 wheel with a -12 offset which I think is around 4.5" bs. Though I've already...
  6. 11-16 LML Performance Parts Discussion
    I have a new set of 18" denali rims and i need to order new tires but im not sure what size to get..... i was thinking 295/65/18 but im not sure what would be best. Im purchasing the cognito leving kit and want to put the biggest tire possible but with no issues of rubbing and whatnot. :thumb
  7. Suspension&Steering
    have decided on the 7-9" front lift kit and will be getting the UCA's to achieve the 9" and maintain the ride comfort. What's the best idea for the rear lift? 8" leafs or 6" leafs with 1" blocks? What will look the best? Thanks a lot
  8. Suspension&Steering
    So I finally want to beef up my truck a bit. I finally decided on a leveling kit over all other ways to lift my truck. I feel like leveling it gets the job done and its cost effective (for a college student like me :P). So i read up all of the threads and I am still a bit confused on what i want...
  9. Suspension&Steering
    I was wondering if anybody knew of a shop in the Dever area that can install a Cognito lift.
1-11 of 12 Results