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  1. TECH Members ONLY
    Hello, new here. If anyone has a lead on the software for programming the lm2 pcm, kindly reach out to me as I'm planning a custom build for the near future and we would really like to use this 2021 lm2 and transmission in this classic truck. Sadly it's not the same as previous duramax mods as...
  2. Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    I am in search of a customized wiring harness without the egr connectors. I have rebuilt a 2013 6.6l LML Duramax with a few modifications. Replaced the exploding CP4 with a Fleece 750 CP3 fuel injection pump and to complement the fuel delivery, I stuck an AirDog 165 fuel re-lift under the...
1-2 of 2 Results