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  1. EFI Live
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums, and relatively new to Desiel tuning. For better or worse, I bought a pre-built/tuned 2008 Sierra 2500 a couple years ago with 150k miles. It's been a good truck overall, BUT I've had a few issues with it I'm trying to sort out. First, a little background of...
  2. Introductions
    Living in Tennessee, I have an 08 LMM. Looking to do a downpipe back dpf delete. I would like to have two tunes on a dsp5 switch. Can I have someone do that for me or send an auto cal that I can use to flash the truck then send back? What do yall think is my best route?
  3. EFI Live
    Hey, ive heard that you can not get the DSP5 switch in the lbz and newer engines from some people and you have to somehow hook it up to an edge programmer to change tunes on the fly but when i look it up on some performance sites some offer it and some dont for the lbz just wondering if anyone...
  4. EFI Live
    I'm going to try and install my DSP5 switch tomorrow afternoon. I was reading the tutorial on EFILive's forums. It states "the pin needs to be oriented such that the wider side of the head of the pin is closest to location 47 (grey wire).". I'm not sure what that means? It has 2 similar sides...
  5. EFI Live
    Recently installed the DSP5 switch and tuned ECM in my 2008 LMM. I did not want to mount the switch on the dash at the moment, I also was hesitant to drill in the console now too. I may do one of these mount sites in the future if I decide I don't like where I put it at the present. I simply...
  6. EFI Live
    Hi, I have a spare ecm for my lbz that i have a dsp5 program on. It started running bad this morning and I swapped the stock ecm back in and it ran fine. After work i was going to reflash the dsp5 tun file back in and I get the following errors EFI live detected the ecm may not have valid...
  7. 911 Problems Forum
    I have two switches, one has cylinder shaped pins, the other, more square with larger flat side. Which is correct for my 2008 LMM? Thanks!!!
  8. 911 Problems Forum
    Ok so i just tried hooking my dsp5 up and me being a dummy didnt unhook the batterys, and in the process of hooking it up i screwed up one of the terminals for the dsp5 so i took both of the terminals back out, and put everything back together just like it came apart. i hopped in the truck and...
1-8 of 8 Results