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  1. How to remove the plastic cover from a dually bed?

    2001 - 2007 (GMT800) Non Powertrain
    I have an '06 3500 HD 4x4 long bed. A while ago, some dufus reversed into the back of my truck in a parking lot and pushed the passenger side rear bumper into the fender, cracking the dually fender just behind the wheel. Like most dufuses, they just drove off. I was luck to find an undamaged...
  2. New LB7 Owner

    Hello Guys, Ive used your forum before for fixing parts on my other truck. But Last year I was able to acquire a 2003 Silverado 3500 with a LB7 Diesel engine. Besides tractors this is my first diesel truck. I live in Upstate NY so I really lucked out finding it completely rust free with only...
  3. The DRW Club (Duallies)

    General Discussion
    01-10 LB7-LML Figured we have the EVERYONEs truck thread, why not a 3500 DRW thread a Thread dedicated to JUST Duallies Lets se em :rockin Update* Names List 1.) Torque Monster 2.) Johnasara 3.) Setexan 4.) Tigger 5.) 05 3500 2WD (Clifford) 6.) 06_DRW_LLY 7.) 01 T/A 8.)...
  4. Duramax Duallys Lifted Pics

    General Discussion
    i wanna see some lifted duallys if anyone has em on here