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  1. Dyno Numbers

    06-07 LBZ & LLY Duramax Powertrain
    i went down to the abbotsford dyno at BD diesel and put down a 466 on my winters 265/75/16.. Robs tuning on a dyno/drag tune, sound about right? dodge after god damn dodge at that thing all putting down 340-360 that got old fast. what would a guy lose running my summer tires? 36x15.5 R20 anyone...
  2. Stock tranny Dyno numbers?

    EFI Live
    just curious to see some dyno numbers of trucks with stock transmissions or just a transgo jr kit that are running efilive? anyone willing to post their numbers?
  3. My first dyno run

    Dyno Videos
    Well I decided to see what my truck was putting to the ground.. 390 hp 691 tq.. I was happy to say the least considering my lack of mods. My question is when you guys dyno do you power break it a bit to build up boost so you get better tq numbers and boost at a lower rpm? This dyno felt like it...
  4. Dyno results too high!

    Performance Upgrades
    I wanted a baseline for my stock engine so I would know exactly what gains I got from upgrades so I put my truck on the dyno @ the Sarver Automotive Diesel Dyno day this past Saturday. I showed 303 hp and 606 torque. As I understand it, stock flywheel numbers are 300/520 so rear wheel should...
  5. SoCal Diesel Trucks Dyno Day at Westech!!!

    Southwest Events
    Hey everyone we will be having a SoCal Diesel Trucks Dyno Day this Saturday November 6th at Westech Performance! :thumb: We already have the max # of guys running their trucks for this event but for those of you that don't have plans this Saturday and would like to come hang out with the SoCal...