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  1. General Discussion
    I put a edge cts2 and changed the tire size to 37” but after a few miles abs and brake light come in and dash says service brake system. If I change the size to 35” the lights don’t come on the Speedo is just off. Any one have this problem does wrong tire size affect transmission or anything...
  2. General Discussion
    If I wanted to upgrade my turbo, what should I look into? Also, what other caveats/upgrades should I be aware of/look into?
  3. EFI Live
    Hey guys I do have a Duramax, but this question is for my brother and his '04.5 LLY GMC. He has EFI Live and the Edge Monitor, He set his tune to 5 and was driving and the screen went black, he said a new screen is around $700 or so, but my/his question is, is there a way to change his tune back...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey everyone! Brand new to the forum, Figure i bring my problems over here haha. I just bought a 2015 duramax, its got 120k on it. The truck has the egr deleted and the dpf system removed. I have no check engine lights and truck runs great, I have driven about 6000 miles and haven't had issues...
  5. 07.5-10 LMM Performance Parts Discussion
    I’m using an edge CTS2 as just a monitor right now but I also have a 5 position switch. I was wondering if I could have 5 tunes on the switch and then have 5 different tunes put on the edge cts 2 and just run one on the stock setting while using the other? Just a thought
1-5 of 5 Results