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  1. Edge tuner fried pcm?

    911 Problems Forum
    So I was changing my tune one day on my 04 lly duramax and the edge tuner got stuck and wouldn’t program the tune. I tried starting it up and it wouldn’t even crank. Long story short edge tried sending me 3 hot tunes to clear any faults and they all didn’t work. So edge ended up telling me to go...
  2. 2005 LLY - Cold air intake

    Looking For/ Wanting To Buy
    Bought my son a 2005 crew cab. Would like to find a reasonably priced CAI, as well as many other mod's that are reasonably priced. (Gauges, exhaust, tuner etc.) Thanks, Brad
  3. Loss of Power above 75

    07.5-10 LMM Duramax Powertrain
    hey guys, this is my 1st post on here... i have an 08' LMM w/ edge CTS programmer and 5" back exhaust w no cat muffler or dpf. Recently when running on the highway at 65-75mph, when accelerating half throttle there is a big bog down of the motor and a rumbling sound accompanied by a small shake...
  4. LBZ DSP5 Switch??

    EFI Live
    Hey, ive heard that you can not get the DSP5 switch in the lbz and newer engines from some people and you have to somehow hook it up to an edge programmer to change tunes on the fly but when i look it up on some performance sites some offer it and some dont for the lbz just wondering if anyone...
  5. Tuner/Programmers for sale for LMM.

    Vehicle electronics/ Programmers For Sale
    I no longer have the truck and need to go ahead and get rid of these. I have a quadzilla stealth 2 updated with dpf delete etc. $300 obo and Edge juice with attitude $500 obo. Im located in North Port, FL Email me, I take paypal. [email protected]
  6. Can tranny take more?

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    i have a LB7 with the stock tranny. i have a ppe boost valve k and n cold air with AFE filter. 4 inch turbo back exhuast, and edge juice with attitude on level 6. im not sure what the hp and torque is. maybe 485 hp 850 lbs? at crank. question is how much more can a stock allison take before...
  7. 2006 duramax lbz ppe hot +2 suncoast??

    06-07 LBZ & LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    hello, i have a 06 lbz i just bought with a 6 inch fabtech lift, ppe hot +2 programmer edge cts insight , suncoast 1057 converter, trans go jr shift kit, afe sidepipe, s and b intake, air dog fuel syste.. i am just trying to become more familiar with my motor and wondering what level i could get...
  8. Duramax LBZ Edge tuner

    06-07 LBZ & LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    has anyone had issues w/ the Edge tuner frying the ECM on a 2007 LBZ? Stupid me, and yes i admit it, i fell for the Duramileage crap... ordered one, didn't see the mileage increase... went thru about 3 days of emails, phone calls, etc before finally getting to send it back for a refund... I put...
  9. Edge Evo CS pyro

    01-04.5 LB7 Performance Parts Discussion
    I was wondering if the pyro you buy from edge is specific so it can be pluggd into the monitor. If it's just a regular thermocouple, do you know what type?
  10. odd... I need help.

    2001 - 2007 (GMT800) Non Powertrain
    went to add an extension cable to my juice monitor so i could put it up higher. anyways unplugged it, put the truck in first to pull my dash off, put it back into park went to start it and she was dead... any ideas?
  11. LLY and Edge Juice W/ Attitude makes bad noises

    Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    So i installed the Edge Juice W/ Attitude CTS in my 04.5 LLY, i didn't hear anything at first, i did the trans relearn after two days of driving it, thats when i started hearing noises, sounds like a clattering sound, only comes on with one third of the accelerator pressed down, i put it back...
  12. 06 dmax with edge attidue CS

    Performance Upgrades
    I recently installed this chip into my 2006 duramax, I wanted to get better MPG i was only getting 12 average which sucks really bad for this truck, I have only had chip a couple of days about how long till i actually start seeing results on better MPG, and has any one encountered any problems...
  13. Edge Juice and CTS 02 LBZ

    Performance Upgrades
    Hey I had a Juice W/ Attitude and it worked great. It died and I sent it back to Edge and I had to upgrade to Juice W/CTS. The first night after i installed it, it did not feel like it was doing much at all, even on level 6 Hot mode. The next day I statred it up and after I got the truck warmed...
  14. straight exhaust questions

    Performance Upgrades
    ok so my truck is going to the exhaust shop on saturday and i have a few questions i have my edge evo race, should i have any problems with doing a straight pipe? the ediots at the exhaust shop when i took it by there to get a estimate that if i took the cat off that it would catch on fire:rofl...
  15. WTB: Edge juice / Attitude CTS 04.5 LLY

    Looking For/ Wanting To Buy
    Anybody selling Edge Juice W/ Attitude CTS? I have a 04.5 GMC 2500 HD LLY 313.799.3466
  16. Edge insight cts(new) with mount pod and expandable egt probe

    Looking For/ Wanting To Buy
    Needs to fit 2007 gmc sierra classic 2500hd shipped to 30004
  17. edge juice

    911 Problems Forum
    I just sold my edge juice with attitude chip and helped the guy put it on, the chip is about 6 years old but worked just fine in my tuck. It worked fine on his for about 15 miles. Not breaking the tires loose, just making it smoke around about every corner. He pulled over to make sure all the...
  18. CTS Insight

    Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    Ok guys Im a rookie still and need to know a few things. I just got my cts insight plugged up and WOW! :rockin I thought EFI was wild:gearjamin :rof This thing can do more things than I even know about. Which leads me to a few questions. I have not hook up the EGT probe which will be one of the...
  19. No power

    911 Problems Forum
    I was going down the road the other night and when i turned the corner and stepped into it, my truck just sputtered and acted like it didn't want to go at all. I could go about 35-40 mph but anything after that, i had no power and it seemed like it did it every time the truck tried to...
  20. evo cs mpg

    04.5-05 LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    What kind of an increase are you getting with the evo with the mileage tune? Also how good is the tow feature?