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  1. symptoms of bad fuel pump?

    Performance Upgrades
    i am running a stock lift pump and on my efi tunes (especially my 90 & 150 tunes) it seems as though my truck has lost some speed. if i get into the pedal about 50% of the time it seems to be a bit slower and just laggish in general it also hazes smoke through acceleration. is this my fuel pump...
  2. Order to do mods?

    EFI Live
    I am fairly new to the Duramax world, but have quite a few hours of reading on here. From my research on here it appears that the V2 is for data logging and retrieving the stock programming for use by a tuner. So, I'm thinking that I need to purchase EFI live first and use the V2 to upload my...
  3. A question for tuners ???

    EFI Live
    I see a lot of guys making 50hp tow tunes, 80 hp tow tunes, 150hp race tunes and so on, so how do you know the HP for the tune when you create it? Is it just based on what you know a truck with similar modifications has will do or is there something in EFI that tell you this? Thanks Matt
  4. How does EFI and tow/haul interact?

    EFI Live
    I was wondering what effect EFI tunign has on the tow/haul transmission mode and how it all interacts with say a turbo brake EFI tow tune? Also, does the EFI tow tunes with turbo brake change the shift points of the tow/haul transmission mode? I have used my truck to tow a 6k camper and put it...
  5. efi cant figure it out helppp

    EFI Live
    ok i installed my switch converted my ecm and completely reflashed my ecm now from what everyones said everyone doesnt put the switch in right so lets start there ive had it apart 5 times and the wire is probably 3/4" into the plug i forced it in with a screwdriver and it will not go any further...
  6. EFI Live?

    07.5-10 LMM Performance Parts Discussion
    Ok guys, this may sound like a really stupid question, but that's what forums are for I guess. Is it possible to have my truck tuned with EFI Live from a performance shop with their custom tunes without having to buy the software? Sorry, I am just confused as to what the purpose of buying the...
  7. Mods vs. Warranty

    General Discussion
    Ok, so I'm going to start this thread, not for me, but for anyone who may have the same question... what are the pros and cons of modding with aftermarket parts and voiding your warranty, and is it worth it? Also, IF something major were to go out (i.e. tranny, rear end, injector) how much would...
  8. Netbook & Spare ECM

    EFI Live
    I just purchased EFI live. :D I was told that I can just download the software instead of using the CD in the box and use my PIN that comes on the box. So my questions is: Can I buy a netbook to use for EFI live? Netbooks do not have a CD drive, but will I ever need one? Also, How important is...
  9. How to remove efi live

    EFI Live
    I just bought a 2004 duramax with efi live and was woundering how to remove it untill I can afford a built tranny this summer thanks
  10. EFI Live

    Performance Upgrades
    Does anyone know any shops that do efi tuning in michigan?
  11. Help me plz

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Hi guys new to the form... I have 03 lb7 nd with suncoast tranny efi htt turbo nd small lift pump.. Yesturday I heard a crunching noise same as if I was to crunch a can from my truck not sure were it came From and shortly after my truck went to limp mode once I got it out of limp the first time...
  12. Help needed

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Hey guy I was hoping to get some good advise I'm looking into buying a Duramax. It's a 03 gmc lb7 with 130k on it it's a slt the guy had put in brand new injectors a year ago here are some of the mods INSIDE -- ARC AUDIO SYSTEM, DASH MATCHING AUTO METER GUAGES, OUT SIDE-- FRESH NEW PAINT JOB...
  13. which programmer???? HELP!!!

    01-04.5 LB7 Performance Parts Discussion
    Okay, so I have an 04 lb7. only thing done to it is some ghetto straight pipe from the guy before me where the pipe changes sizes like three times. that junks about to get replaced with mbrp turbo back exhause. but my real probelm is what to do on a programmer. I dont do much heavy pulling...
  14. need a little help with efi live tunes

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    so heres the deal, my friend hooked up his efi live tuner to my truck to fix an EGR code that keeps coming up, which cost me 100 bucks for the license. i paid because i wanted efi at a late date. he had someone else tune his truck so he found out he cant use his tunes on my truck. he doesnt know...
  15. What's it worth?

    Performance Upgrades
    I've got a PPE hot+2 xcellerator that i was thinking about getting rid of so that i could get EFI Live, but i don't know what a reasonable price to sell it for is. I paid around 1k for it new.
  16. EFI Question?

    EFI Live
    Can I just buy a single Efi tune and a DSP2 switch and install them, or do I need to send my ecm somewhere for something? If I do need to have something done to the ecm does anyone know a shop that could do it in or near massachusetts? Thanks in advance, Scott