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  1. Vehicles For Sale
    Looking for a crew cab lbz or lmm around 23k preferably rust free and the lower the miles the better located in Ohio but willing to travel my number is 740-341-6413 please give me a call or text thanks in advance
  2. EFI Live
    Ive done a fair amount of research but am not satisfied with results. I have an 06 lly (engine, ecm, etc is lbz). Label says stock HP is 310. If I go with a tune from GDP for efi live, will I get in setting 1 (+20hp) 330hp or 380hp? Don’t want to over run my truck, and the tuner said it would...
  3. General Discussion
    hey guys, just bought a 09 LMM. I personally deleted the DPF and put a 5 inch straight pipe from the down pipe back. sent it out for EFI live tune with the 5 position switch. Had the tuner shut off EGR as well. As I sit at a light and it changes and I accelerate, the truck chugs/coughs which...
  4. EFI Live
    I'm going to try and install my DSP5 switch tomorrow afternoon. I was reading the tutorial on EFILive's forums. It states "the pin needs to be oriented such that the wider side of the head of the pin is closest to location 47 (grey wire).". I'm not sure what that means? It has 2 similar sides...
  5. EFI Live
    Just wondering if anyone has done this yet? I run linux with windows in a virtual machine, getting EFILive within a week or so, does anyone know if it will work fine and not error out or worse screw something up on the truck? Thanks in advance
  6. Transmission Shop
    im looking to get efi live in my new to the diesel world(had my truck only 6 months) and i was thinking before i do that i should get a built transmission ? i still want it to be a dd but i want it to be the 13s..what transmission should i choose ? whats the cheapest way to...
  7. 911 Problems Forum
    I have two switches, one has cylinder shaped pins, the other, more square with larger flat side. Which is correct for my 2008 LMM? Thanks!!!
  8. 911 Problems Forum
    So i've tried a variety of ways. I've done it w/out pulling fuses w/ and w/out the keys button clicked and ive done it with every variation of pulling the radio and info fuse. If i pull the info fuse and leave the radio fuse in it will start the download and get stuck somewhere between 5k and...
  9. EFI Live
    I keep trying to load my DSP2 tune into my '05 LLY and it gets to a point and then it stops and says bootloader rejected...what does this mean. I tried pulling the radio fuse and the info fuse and it still won't let me reflash my ecm...can someone help me out...not sure what to try. Thanks
1-9 of 9 Results