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egr delete

  1. EGR Delete lly

    04.5-05 LLY Duramax Powertrain
    I have a 2004.5 lly duramax that hasn’t had an egr delete and I didn’t know if I would have to have it retuned when I do the delete.
  2. Egr Deleted tunes for LBZ

    Test Forum
    I recently deleted my egr and tuned my truck with motor ops.. I am not please with the tunes.. bad fuel mileage, tranny runs rough, truck runs hot(which might be due to my 35” tires), not a lot of power compared to my buddy with PPEI tunes.. unfortunately Kory Willis no longer does egr deleted...
  3. Trying to delete before its too late HELP

    07.5-10 LMM Duramax Powertrain
    Have an 09 lmm, exhaust was already installed before i bought the truck so DPF is already deleted, but the EGR is still in place. this is my first diesel so i am not knowledgeable on the subject, but as i understand it there could be a blockoff plate installed or maybe not. Im wanting to make...
  4. help with egr blocker

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    i have a lmm silverado and fought for an hour or so trying to break the bolts loose to install my egr blocker plate. i dont exactly have a wide variety of tools and im not what you would call a mechanic. any live near st. paul mn that could help me out with this?
  5. TRUCK IS BLOWING WHITE SMOKE after sinister egr delete! help!

    04.5-05 LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    today i put it the sinister full egr cooler delete and now my truck blows white smoke pressing on the gas at all! any ideas ?!
  6. 2008 Duramax Wrecker...EGR DELETE

    07.5-10 LMM Performance Parts Discussion
    Hello, Thanks for everyone who can Help me out....Im currently driving a 2008 Chevy wrecker with the blasted DPF on it....I was looking for anyone who knows were I can get the parts to remove it and if possible the replacement exhaust too...It sucks because We have a 2007 same truck 40G tank...