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  1. P2033 ACDelco 12683487 Or OEM 12672666 Needed

    911 Problems Forum
    Hey All, New Here and have a 2019 L5P with20k. Have a P2033 error which is Bank 1 Sensor 2. Brought it to the dealer and was told that sensor is on Back Order and there is No ETA on the availability of it. My truck is dead in the water right now due to a $30 wearable part that GM has NONE Of in...
  2. Straight Pipe EGT Drop 3.5"

    Performance Upgrades
    I have seen this question asked several times on this forum but with no real answer so I thought I would go ahead and remove my muffler, straight pipe my truck, and see what difference I see in EGT's so here it is. Driving around 70 on the freeway my egt's use to sit around 700-800 depending on...
  3. School me on EGT please

    06-07 LBZ & LLY Performance Parts Discussion
    I installed my new Evo CTS yesterday. I also recieved my EGR blocker and MPRP 4" Dual system but will not be able to install them until Sunday. I went ahead and set the EVO to lvl 1, economy just to try things out before heading out of town. I had a 60 mile drive to visit with family and the...