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  1. Diesels
    I need to know what i would need to do in order to get a common rail 5.9l cummins engine to work in a 2003 silverado 2500hd. i only really need to know about the electronics and computers. Or if anybody knows a place that does these conversions.
  2. Interior
    I'm thinking of installing a small electric heater somewhere out of the way in my interior and wire it so my block heater and the interior heater use the same plug. I realize they both are highly resistive and will draw a lot of amps. There are many factors at play here. If you have done this...
  3. How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Replacing a faulty Door Lock Switch in a 2007-10 Silverado First thing is to isolate the problem to make sure it's definitely the switch and not a fuse, wiring, or a actuator. Driver's side doesn't work but the passenger side does. Driver's side does work under any condition. etc: with door...
1-3 of 3 Results