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electrical problems

  1. Truck wont run when wet??

    911 Problems Forum
    Hey guys, have other electrical issues with gauges and lights, but today I realized that if its raining or wet out the truck stalls after I start it. There is no fender well on the passenger side, maybe that? At the end of my rope but I refuse to give up! Thanks guys.
  2. please help. Headlights and cluster dont work, multiple codes

    911 Problems Forum
    I'm about to pull my hair out. 2007. My gauge cluster comes on and off, random lights such as battery and abs, parking brake are on. Gauges themselves do not work. Headlights sometimes come on, but ONLY when the truck is off. Every now and then it starts and dies, but starts right back up fine...
  3. '93 3500 Issues

    6.5L Diesel Forum
    I wasn't given all the details but am hoping for some insight before I get deep. I have only worked on Internationals and Frieghtliners, mainly larger trucks in the long haul range. I was asked to look at a '93 3500 6.5L 2WD, and thats all he gave me to go on. According to friend truck has...
  4. Electrical - Truck Died

    911 Problems Forum
    I had an issue yesterday with my voltage being low when I went to start my truck. I just thought that I needed to replace batterys, but after driving a mile or so, my voltmeter went up to 14 and was good. Then later in the day when I went to start it, it started, but barely would crank and...
  5. Help help

    EFI Live
    I'm trying to flash a script into the truck. All i see is Connection to the ECM has been lost, Connection to the ECM has been lost, Connection to the ECM has been lost. All the plugs are in. No cell phone chargers plugged in. No guages plugged in. What am i doing wrong:help
  6. radio won't shut off

    Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    I've got a pioneer avh4100 dvd radio. As of yesterday it won't shut off, as in when the truck is off and I open the door. It's got the scosche interface. I can still hear my blinkers so I don't think it's that. I remember my older chevy had a little button in the door jam so it knew when a...
  7. Help

    911 Problems Forum
    Not a diesel mechanic. i was origanally working on a bad speed sensor, test drove the truck and on the way back #1,2,7,8 unjectors shut off. black smoke and hammering hard. I can shut #2 injector off with the scanner and it runs fine! Im thinking stuck open injector, but wondering if there is a...
  8. Please>>>> help help >>>>

    911 Problems Forum
    ok my drive window passenger window as well as my door locks dont work also my gauge cluster light does not come on at night. I took it to the dealer and when they put a TECH 2 up to it. It will not power the tech 2 up just lines go across the tech 2. Please let me know what you all thing...
  9. no start-blown edu fuse

    911 Problems Forum
    hey guys, my buddy has a 05 sierra 2500 with the 6.6 turbo diesel. he keeps blowing the EDU fuse under the hood (number 1 fuse-25amp). It blows as soon as the key is turned forward. the truck will crank but not start. apparently the edu fuse controls the FICM. we checked the wiring in the...
  10. Got some wires hanging down under the cab/bed area ????

    911 Problems Forum
    Ok guys......the wife has got a dog that has taken a passion to chewing on wires under my truck while no one is home (I have a work car I drive daily). 1st two incidents were wiring harness to the fog lights. Luckily not an expensive part, so ordered those and fixed them myself. Noticed...
  11. No Speedo, Tach, temp guages, Stereo. DRL's after stereo

    Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    Was installing a new kenwood deck and my buddy shorted some wires. Now none of the guages except the oil pressure are working. Any ideas? fuse maybe???
  12. What did I do wrong?

    911 Problems Forum
    ok so just got my Cobalts installed and now my truck is acting up. My idle is constantly up and down, its telling me to service 4wd and my abs light is on. It also doesnt shot of when i turn the ignition on click now. So the key is only turned to have my radio, ac, and stuff on but it stays...
  13. Truck won't start

    911 Problems Forum
    Woke up the morning & nothing? Truck won't turn over? I pulled both positive cables off batteries to see if it would reset or something? Didn't make a difference!! Haven't put a voltage meter yet but lights are bright! Had to come in town to work so won't get back home till this eve!! Any...
  14. wiring problem

    911 Problems Forum
    took out engine to do head job.Engine is back in but runs like crap.NO oil pressure on gauge.There are a couple of wires that i am having a problem with.One goes from the glow plugs on pass side to where??.Another wire is in the same group but has a small solderless bolt connector on the end.The...
  15. Draining Batteries

    911 Problems Forum
    Hi Guys, I am new to your site and I have been having a hell of a time with my 02 Duramax. Over the past 6 month it has been draining batteries when parked and on 3 occasions when I was driving then when I shut it off it would have dead batteries instantlly. I have new batteries in it and it...
  16. help help help

    911 Problems Forum
    A few weeks back my passenger side door aparently lost power, my window will not roll down on that side or my door will not unlock, also my keyless entry stopped working at the same time. it's a 04 model, i've checked all the fuses in the cab and under the hood, they all checked good, any...
  17. Trailer lights doing weird things

    911 Problems Forum
    Leaving on a trip and will be driving at night. Trailer lights are doing some weird things. Hooked up, nothing happens, only the right brake light comes on. If i put my fot on the brakes, all the lights (running and all sides) come on solid. If i put the right turn signal on, all the lights...
  18. Stuck on side of road

    911 Problems Forum
    Driving from Atlanta to south Florida. Have drive 400 miles already zero problems. All of a sudden check engine light comes on and truck won't go over 2000 rpm. Also has a real loud knocking sound?? Any help what I can do to go another 100 miles? Anyway to check codes without a comp?
  19. 1300 rpm sounds

    911 Problems Forum
    I have a sound in my engine @1300 rmps that is making me lose my hair by the second. i can hear it right at take off throttle, very short and quick and then i can get the sound in 1-2-3 gears 3rd being the worst. it will make this sound as long as the rpms stay at 1300. i have no clue what is...
  20. lly problem

    911 Problems Forum
    Ok yesterday i was driving on th freeway when my truck just suddenly lost power had the feeling like when the cruise control disengages and the check engine came on and it couldn't accelerate anymore now its making what sounds like a piston knocking noise does this sound like and injector...