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  1. 2020+ (Non Powertrain)
    Hi. I have 2020 GMC sierra duramax 6.6L after catalytic thief damage. Looking for some one to help me with wiring location on 3 pin connector(was cut with catalytic). Differential presure exhaust nox sensor. I can check it by my self is some one has 2020+ duramax around Philadelphia PA or...
  2. Performance Upgrades
    I got a mbrp 5" straight pipe and I need to know what tube to cut the bent piece that connects to the front pipe or the extention pipe with couplers on both ends? I'm leaning towards the bent tube but let me know asap. Left my instructions at home. Good place for them eh.
  3. 911 Problems Forum
    Ok, so im finally trying to install my Diamond Eye Downpipe. The only thing holding me back is the stock downpipe. I cant seem to remove it, it just wont budge!! I removed both bands top and bottom which connects it to the turbo and the exhaust, also removed the bolt on the bottom which holds it...
  4. 911 Problems Forum
    So, I'm in the process of removing the cat. Only problem is I'm having an issue releasing the clamp from the tranny onto the cat. I removed the bolts that attach it to the tranny but the loop on the cat won't budge. Any suggestions? Also, The v clamp on that connects the down pipe to the front...
  5. 911 Problems Forum
    I have my old exhaust off and on the old exhaust and the new exhaust there is a hanger on the first pipe that comes from the down pipe.its right by the tranny crossmember and it goes down like there should be a bracket or something for this.My exhaust was real loose before i took it off and...
  6. 01-04.5 LB7 Performance Parts Discussion
    hey guys we were installing my diamond eye downpipe tonight and we have got it on..but we can not get it to fully slide all the way onto the turbo so we can clamp it back down. I need the truck for this Saturday for a trip to Florida so any ideas would really help.
  7. How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I installed the 3" down pipe from MBRP yesterday. First of all I will say that of all the add ons I have done, this was the most aggravating, only because of the danm trans. dip stick tube. It is a pain in the ass to get out of the trans. because it is so long. When reinstalling it I trimmed...
1-7 of 7 Results