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  1. hid fog lights one comes on and the other doesent?

    i have hid highs and lows and also my fogs. i used a relay kit on the highs/lows and i am on stock wiring on the fogs. but my question is that my passenger side fog will sometimes come on and sometimes will not. on the times that it will not come on it just makes a sound. i have checked all the...
  2. '02 Fog Lights SUCK!

    Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    Okay, I've been reading fog light threads for over an hour. I still have no clue why my fog lights are crap. I could see better by tying my wife on the front bumper holding a MagLight! Actually, that may not be a bad idea . . . :booboo But really, what is the fix? I've replaced the bulbs...
  3. Fog light question...

    My buddy and I both have the same model 01 2500 hd and neither of our fog lights work...cant figure it out changed the bulbs checked fuses...anyone have or even better fixed this problem? :help