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fuel mileage issues

  1. General Discussion
    My 06 LBZ extended cab long bed is only getting around 15 mpg, it’s been tuned and straight piped but hasn’t been deleted, it has 265/75/16 tires, and has 325,000 miles on it what could I do to improve fuel mileage? I baby the truck and don’t use a heavy foot when accelerating what should I do?
  2. Towing & Hauling
    I have a 2500 HD 04 lly with banks ram air a super scoop and super chip programer, 285 tires and set in the tow mode. I pull a fifth wheel rv that weights around 10,500 lbs and truck and trailer together weight about 17,500 lbs. On a recent trip to Arkansas thru the hills. I averaged about 10.0...