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fuel system problems

  1. Lmm with mystery problem

    General Discussion
    have had this truck for bout 3 years never had an issue all egr an dpf deleted an properly tuned till about 2 months ago had a fuel knock so replaced all 8 injectors with 43% one an slapped a duramaxtunner 73mm vvt turbo in as well has the lift pump an all to support the fuel system but a week...
  2. Injectors or Valve Train??

    01-04.5 LB7 Duramax Powertrain
    Starts up with ease no matter the temperature (has started with ease without being plugged in when the temp was around 10 degrees F). No smoke when starting (unless cold/ engine temp below 120 on temp gauge). White smoke when I accelerate quickly getting on the highway (when engine temp is...
  3. Sounds like a Ford & won't accellerate

    911 Problems Forum
    Ok guys new to forum. Parked 07 2500hd classic w/ duramax in my garage 2 days ago running fine. This morning, when I started it to go to work, it sounds like a ford powerstroke ( loud and clanky) and idles ruff. If i excellerate, it smooths out and quiets down but wont go over 2000 rpm. -...
  4. Fuel problem

    911 Problems Forum
    ok so my truck has been kinda breaking up lately sometimes it will do it sometimes it wouldnt im gonna try and change my fuel filter and see if it helps... but also is there anyway to test my cp3 to make sure nothing is goin wrong with it?
  5. 2001 Won't go Faster Than 35 MPH

    911 Problems Forum
    I posted this in another place on this board, but this is probably a more appropriate place: I wish I had more details on this one, but I haven't driven the truck in question. My sister called and described the following problem with her 2001 Duramax: While pulling a trailer home from...
  6. I need help!!!!

    911 Problems Forum
    Im a new member of this forum and I just bougth my first diesel. I bougth a 2001 silverado 2500 HD with 148,000 K. I have a problen with now; when i run it over 2000 rpms for i'd say 20 minutes it feels like my diesel supply cuts off, and my service engine ligth comes on, if i try to go...
  7. FML fuel shim kit

    911 Problems Forum
    So I couldn't unscrew the FPRV for the life of me and its basically rounded now. Amidst the chaos I took a pretty nice chunk out of my thumb, lost a bolt in the engine somewhere, as well as my phone (which was found about 30 mins later), truck has a few dents in it now, and i tore apart the...
  8. Fuel Rail Issue on LMM

    911 Problems Forum
    I recently towed at Mastercraft boat with my LMM this week on L1 on my Edge Race Evo, and the truck is pouring fuel out of it from the rail on the drivers side. The rail has been opened up on both ends for a shim kit and ported fitting, so obviously those would be the first things to check. But...
  9. Cant get new filter to prime

    911 Problems Forum
    Changed the fuel filter on my buddys 06 lbz duramax and cant get it to prime. Never had this happen before. When pumping it wont build up pressure and just barely squirts out a bit of diesel. I tried closing the screw to try to build up some pressure and it still wont. Checked all the o...
  10. Ran out of fuel!!!!

    911 Problems Forum
    I ran out of fuel and i put 5 gallons of diesel into the tank and primed the fuel filter valve until all the bubbles came out and just straight diesel was coming out. Any other suggestions or short cuts?
  11. will not start

    911 Problems Forum
    :confused:OK my Duramax started and shut off after a few seconds like 10 seconds. It turns over but wont start. My batteries are original it's an 04 GMC Sierra. Batteries? fuel filter? glowplugs? any ideas?
  12. well old faithful is acting up again.

    911 Problems Forum
    Well this is whats happing now anybody have a EFI LIVE tune well of course its trhe best heres the problem you know when you DON'T have a lift pump and your foots threw the floor board and on stage 5 and the thing cuts out cause its running out of fuel....and i'm sure theres alot of you saying...
  13. Help! Stuck halfway in road! 07 lmm won't start

    911 Problems Forum
    Started truck right up and backed 10 feet down driveway and killed on it's own. Will turn over but not firing up. Stock 07 lmm 6.6 full tank of diesel. Help! Thanks
  14. fuel issue!!!

    911 Problems Forum
    my buddy just bought an 04.5 LLY. today he started up his truck to let it warm up. when he cam back outside the truck was off. The bleeder valve at the bottom of the filter was loose,and spitting out diesel. His check engine light came on and now the truck is in limp mode. does a bad filter...
  15. 2004 lb7 at dealer injector question.

    911 Problems Forum
    I have a 2004 lb7 at dealer again. Injectors replaced at 73,000 and again at 85,000. Truck has 128,000 now. If you let it idle for 10 to 15 minutes it starts smoking heavy when you take off you kill all mosquitos in 2 block radius. Took truck to independent garage before dealer they said 2 and...
  16. injector pump? help!!

    911 Problems Forum
    for the past couple week my truck takes a little longer than usual to fire it wont start up at all unless i spray starting fluid in it than it fires rite up and stays running strong i drove 40 miles to work and back like this and i put a new fuel filter in it today and no codes anyone...
  17. Truck won't start

    911 Problems Forum
    I have a 2003 GMC 2500 Duramax with the LB7 motor. I haven't turned the truck on in about 3 weeks and now it won't start. It has new batteries (1month ago) and I tried priming it already and it didn't work. Please help
  18. 2005 durmax not running good lower rpm

    911 Problems Forum
    I have a 2005 duramax and fri It started right up but ran rough at lower rpm at higher rpm no problem. Truck sat all weekend went to start Sunday night and it took a few times to turn over. Sarted but ran rough at lower rpm. Any suggestions
  19. Put gas instead of diesel...what now?

    911 Problems Forum
    OK so the wife put half a tank of gas in and then drove about 50 miles. Truck would not crank after sitting, had it towed to a dealer and fuel tank drained and cleaned. New fuel filter and lines cleaned out, it has been running fine since and she said actually gets a little better gas milage...
  20. 01 6.6 losing fuel to motor help

    911 Problems Forum
    Changed motor due to blowed head gaskets. Swap went well run great for two days then lost fuel while truck was idling cracked bleeder on top of filter pumped fuel back into filter cranked back up till filter run dry again .runs great when it has the fuel to it please help.!!!!!!!!!!!! Went back...