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  1. General Discussion
    I have a 2020 L5P duramax high country currently 35k miles still under the bumper to bumper warranty. I get a check engine light on the dash and then two messages reading vehicle power is reduced and a don’t stop driving like it’s going into regen the def gauge reads 3/4 full the truck has never...
  2. L5P TSB (service bulletins, recalls, updates)
    Hi All, Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but, I'm coming up on the end of my 3 year/36,000mi Bumper to Bumper warranty and thinking about getting an extended warranty. Has anyone bought an extended warranty? What seems to be a fair price? Any suggestions? I've called a...
  3. 2017-19 GM T-K2 Platform Powertrain
    I was supposed to leave for a trip across country with our fifth wheel tomorrow morning I took our truck in to have it serviced as we are going to put on about 5000 miles round trip. The day before I took it in the check engine light came on for a couple hours then went off the dealer called me...
1-3 of 3 Results