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  1. 2017 - '19 (Non Powertrain)
    I purchased a 2018 ltz 2500 recently. Pulled the window sticker and it had the factory goose/5th prep listed. Problem is the previous owner had a Norstar bed installed and the bed that’s now on it doesn’t have the pucks. How can I tell if my goose neck prep is still under that bed without...
  2. Towing & Hauling
    Hello everyone, Had to jump on a forum to help wrap my mind around my tow ratings and selecting a trailer. I understand GCWR, GVWR, TW, etc. and have done a lot of towing with my old half tons. I recently purchased a 2020 2500 with plans of towing campers, flatbeds, and more in the future. I...
1-2 of 2 Results