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  1. Transmission Shop
    I have a 2004 Chevy 2500 Allison 1000 just had tranny overhauled because I though it was the issue (could still be) when you put it in drive and start to accelerate it clunks than you get going down the road hit between50-60mph it free wheels and rpms go up and speed drops and you have to let...
  2. 911 Problems Forum
    Hi all! I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado. So for the longest time the “Service Tire Monitoring System” message has been on but it never ever went off no matter what I did. Now for the last couple months when I start it I press in the brake and I can’t get it out of park. It usually takes a few...
  3. 911 Problems Forum
    So as title reads I accidentally put gas in my 2013 duramax chev one ton , so I started it drove all of 250ft ish and stopped at a stop sign and truck stopped running. At the time I wasn’t aware that I has put the gas in , turn key only twice then stopped and had the uh huh moment of realizing...
  4. Wheels & Tires
    I have searched the threads but haven’t found anything comparable but if I have missed it already being talked about, I apologize. I am currently sitting on 20x10 -12 wheels with 285/55 20 on stock height on my 13’ LML. I already had to do some slight trimming to keep from rubbing but I’m...
  5. General Discussion
    I just bought a 2016 duramax its got 45k miles and is completely stock. Im looking to do a whole delete on the truck dpf egr def everything. What do i need to buy are their any kits out there that come with everything im going to need does anyone have any recommendations please help!