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  1. Questions about HID

    Dont know much about the HIDs so im sorry if this sounds dumb.... when people have them for high/low/fog.. do you still high beams and low beams or does it make high/low/fog all the same all the time?
  2. HID Burned Housing

    Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    I have had Retro-solutions HID's in for a couple weeks now. They have done really well, other than the flicker every once in a while. Well, one of them in the fog housing came loose and fell on the housing as I was looking at it. It took a whole 15 (seconds) to burn through what it did before I...
  3. HID specialists help

    so ive had my hid's for over a year now and recently i noticed my passenger side low beam flickering rapidly then it will stop for a bit run normal then flicker and sometimes go out.. i shut my truck off i turn my lights on and both lights come back on? so the other night it was flickering i...
  4. Ddm?

    what is the usual ship time from them? I thought they were outta Cali, not China? where my package says its comin from, also was supposed to be Fed-ex not USPS???? Ordered this stuff April 1st........:cool:
  5. hid fog lights one comes on and the other doesent?

    i have hid highs and lows and also my fogs. i used a relay kit on the highs/lows and i am on stock wiring on the fogs. but my question is that my passenger side fog will sometimes come on and sometimes will not. on the times that it will not come on it just makes a sound. i have checked all the...
  6. Sylvania Silver star Ultra Lamps (ARE A HUGE WASTE OF TIME)

    Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    Hello all I just wanted to thank everyone who put up with my questions on HID'S. Espeacially Josh,Kyle. I removed the stupid Sylvania Ultra Star crap and i installed DDM HID'S, 35 WATTS 5K'S Lows- 55W=5K HI's and 35W6k fogs. Let me say these make any standard bulb i have ever tried look like...
  7. Daytime Running Lights and HID Kit

    Gauges, Electronics and Wiring.
    Hello I have a 2010 GMC Sierra. I was wondering what happens to the DRL when you install the HID Kit from BFXENON. When looking at the headlight unit there is only 1 bulb on the top but the guide through Sylvania says there is another bulb for the DRL. When looking up the bulb it is yellow...